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Twist & shout. You can't do that. All my loving. She loves you. Things we said today. Roll over Beethoven. Can't buy me love. If I fell. I want to hold your hand. Boys. A hard day's night. Long tall Sally. My brave face. Back in the USSR. Saw her standing there. Ain't that a shame. Let it be. Live an let die. Hey Jude. Yesterday. Get back. Carry that weight. Another day. Back seat of my car. Better get home. Get back. The house of the rising sun. Shakin' in the 60s. One after 909. Don't let me down. Get off. Let it be. Two of us. Tennessee. Twist and shout (1982). She's a woman (1982). I feel fine (1982). Dizzy miss Lizzy (1982). Ticket to ride (1982). Everybody's trying to be my baby (1982). Can't buy me love (1982). Baby's in black (1982). I wanna be your man (1982). A hard day's night (1982). Help (1982). I'm down (1982). I lost my little girl. Besame mucho. Eddie the dog. Get back. Penina. Almost grown. Devil in her heart. Don't be cruel. Hitch Hike. Mean Mr. Mustard. The inner light. Three cool cats. She said she said. You can't do that. Cry baby cry (Acoustic). Child of nature (Acoustic). The continuing story of Bungalow Bill (Acoustic). I'm so tired (Acoustic). Yer blues (Acoustic). Julia (Acoustic). What's the new Mary Jane (Acoustic). Revolution (Acoustic). While my guitar gently weeps (Acoustic). Circles (Acoustic). Sour milk sea (Acoustic). Not guilty (Acoustic). Piggies (Acoustic).

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